Another morning in the Vrah club
It asks for courage, boy
Step out of this circle
This is not just a bad dream
You have your oblong and bars
It is either trap or hide-out
Thoughts are like devils
And you don't know if you sleep or you're awake
So ask what they may sound like,
Your words again and again
In ears of those who know the god
You wanted to rise
So many times
But your head full of confusion
And bogs full of vomits
This is reincarnation 	
This is reincarnation - of lies and alcohol words
This is reincarnation - light turns into darkness
This is reincarnation - of all knives in the back
This is reincarnation - fresh taking in
Day ends in a buzz again
Never-ending like a phlegm
But the burden which I carry
Rejects to fall from me all the time
He slopped a lot and now he licks it up
He knows it and also knows
That the circle just has been completed
More close to truth, maybe to death
What now, what will be now?
I played with fire
Now it burns
Words won't delude heart
To become a poisonous darkness
But, damn, of this I must make an end
If this has a happy end…
What are you longing for?
Damn, what do you want to become?
I hope not the thing you were so many times
This is reincarnation	- a deep hole in soul
This is reincarnation - purification by pain
This is reincarnation - may be better than death
We are puppets in a theatre
Dancing in a mirror
With a swollen consciousness
But in fact we are only a shadow
Trust your doctrine
Like breeding animals
To feed darkness with one's blade
With the waiter of your waking
False as a clown
Even dreaming is put on
You feel yourself to be
Just an empty shop
Fear is a fuel
Pity a daily bread
A friend is the one
Who absorbs your shit
He is so afraid
To go where he wants
Wish a flock of vultures 
Were circling over your head all the time
Waiting for you to get cold
Like hot dust