Ku prospěchu všech

1. I move on (Posouvám)
2. Neběžím
3. You! (Ty)
4. The house of playing cards (Dům z karet)
5. Counting out rhyme (En-Ten-Tý-Ky)
6. D-ark (T-ma)
7. Clan (Klan)
8. To the benefit of all (Ku prospěchu všech)

Recorded in summer 2001. (fekál/plech/prudez/zay)

I move on (Posouvám)

I move on I move on I move on Don´t know where Don´t know where

I move on

I grow myself I lie to myself I trust myself

Don´t know where But I move on

YOU! (Ty!)

I´m not dust sparkling in eternity So much off hand, rather a fear of closeness And somebody with a club in his hand outside shouts: "I want freedom!" The fear I won´t be able to move from the spot gives me the creeps

The one who runs after you is you!

What are all those truths, which won´t live till tomorrow, for? What is impatience for us? To give up our own hopes Vicious might have died loudly enough But for you it´s no sign

The one who runs after you is you!


The whole mental world Is like a house built of playing cards You strike fire with your tongue and it will burn down Like a falling drop street Like wings on the stage

I wanted to set them on fire To watch illusions burn The expression of glowing faces

Let assurance and habits burn I want to murder you only by word All of you, both fire-man and spies

On pink galleries Always only two can walk One makes his trace eternal And the other one does nothing

The logical world, like a pack of wild hounds Protects its trash in head We all are affraid But what are asbestos clothes good for?

Throw away your fucking diving suits This is not a three-person-trap On family bicycles Leave behind the little of the stuff, which you still possess Fuck all those who think How much is still there! How much we have sheltered! How much we have hidden!

COUNTING OUT RHYME (en-ten-tý-ky)

A little girl is running Is unlikely to escape The sight of a beast-of-prey Drove its claw in her

Then in silence she hangs here

D-ARK (T-ma)

It still hasn´t grown dark Maybe I´ll see with my heart More far than with my eyes When it grows dark an I´m alone in it

Who will prepare my final bill? Who´s the silent waiter, Who counts money here with knife in his hand Who euns after me himself?

It still hasn´t grown dark

CLAN (Klan)

This marvelous idea in the name of peace To do a blowjob to a stronger one Obediently and faithfully Break your piggy banks To be able to cast pink bombs

In a democratic and human way to start a new Vietnam It´s that the big Sam feels like drinking From the black puddle and we cover his back

Carnivorous flower So sniff at it toooo..

Our girl will praise us then and reward us with a bunch of human bones

An adulthood exam So without hesitation You know it must be so

You are welcome with pleasure By the strongest of all The eternal clan of death´s head and bones!!!

TO THE BENEFIT OF ALL (Ku prospěchu všech)

I don´t want ta save this stinking world To hiss in the language of the saviour again To trust a noose around my neck and survive the hangman. Life destroyed in the factoryto the benefit of all.

So stop asking which idea I have for you You could feel incomfortable

The watching beasts will do it for us This evening the sky of lead will fall down Crushed poor souls were comming back from the night shift

To donate blood for the police structure Squeeze your way to the cabinet seats Which will be blown up into the air too

Because the only thing I want to know about your fucking stinking work Is how to destroy it in the best way.

But before I do it by your nuclear weapon I will whisper to your children For which price you sold their lives.

The paranoid voice of advertisements will crush the remnants of people´s own judgement and the elite of sciencists and businessmen will build ladders Reaching as high as to the sky!

So I roar:
Attaboy, the social destruction!!!!