Vrah (Murderer)
Velkej třesk (Big bang)
Katova pěst (Executioner´s fist)
Nechte mě spát (Let me sleep)
Andělský křídla (Angel wings)
Konkvista (Conquestor)
Čeká (Waiting)
Věčnost je sen (Eternity is a dream)
Sekačky (Mowing machines)
Krmič děl (Gun feeder)
Klauna maska (The mask of clown)
Držkou ryjem dál... (We keep on eating shits)


MURDERER Pull the trigger, murderer Pull it in a crowd Pull it softly Let them suffer bitterly
Pull it forever Let them spout truths Pull it just so much Till you hear fuss Rising around So unwilling to die Then pull it for yourself Hope that after death You won’t be a chicken As much as you are!

BIG BANG To set eyes and mind into distance To spit in the face of morality Not to slobber like a docile dog
To suck sin secretly In a black nook of mind, where you aren’t known To jump through a show-case into yourself The internal cop will arrest you anyway And if not, Somebody will serve
Blinds rolled down to the heating For years you have been afraid – nothing changes You hold your tongue – that’s your attitude You’re just a passer-by
The last feelings of freedom When he pissed in the swimming pool as a boy This time is so far away Like a completely different world
Armed with anger to the teeth Emotions work only inside out now You can’t move it alone You are waiting for the Big Bang!

EXECUTIONER’S FIST Strange rumour Executioner’s fist In the immaculate meadow Is laughing to the sky Death the tender lightning Is a real lightning.
They despised the laughter Forfeited their lives. Death the tender lightning Is a real lightning.

LET ME SLEEP Let night give me the power To slide lower under the threshold Where I am closer to myself Where the ashy railing of words ends Where I am alone so blissfully
Let me sleep Dream!
Only a blockhead wants A micro-world in a few sentences Like weaving sea of drops Daily paws wiping vomits After an afternoon lie Don’t touch me!
Let me sleep Dream!

ANGEL WINGS I want to have angel wings And to fly through the slush away Where a bite is not a piece of food And love not just lust. Dangerous like a charge Like a mushroom cloud Over your and my luck Like an irreparable sin.
Chorus: So damn stop now I want to write love verses Make my anger right It runs like lava, which burns everything I just hope secretly That this war is a long time behind you Or you just wait for your insanity For the one of yours!
Half-world Half-observation To be allowed hypocritically Just to want. It devours my aura, It devours my whole world, In spite of that to yearn for more and more.
Chorus: So damn stop now…
Useless like an empty toothpaste tube. Redundant, replaced, disposed of like a dead insect. If he had had the six-shot barker he would have been dead now. Full of sadness, full of fear of both death and life He hangs round like an idiot. Make me right. Make yourself right!

CONQUESTOR Vulture wings of Christian rage stretched To rape in the name of Christ all who are blind To the one who shines in the sky and can judge us Crowds of dead rattling in blood, that’s the will of God.
Chorus: To spout the word of God like a rat poison To plunder evil out of souls like lung gangrene.
To implant a black-and-white vibration under skin of everybody When you hint, everybody’s struck and fear doesn’t let them sleep Because that’s what the real God’s power looks like The whole country knows now why and why to die.
Chorus: The murdering greedy pig – bloody conquestor The lousy white race – bloody conquestor
To throw natives to the dogs for fun To prove that Europeans are children of God To turn wizards into priests or saints The fear of the unknown will lead you to death
Do you think it is easier to live With a foreign god on breasts? Do you think that Christ Would like to take peyotl?!!

You cannot move though muscles are fed with “nosh” You cannot but wait…
… the clean bed clothes… … to hear your pulse… … to count your…
And everything was so long time ago Now just to suffer mad in pain each day I am standing ready
… waiting!!!
I am waiting till my story ends Till my eyes are shut Mind – pain will decompose Imprisoned in a black forest.
Death is my close brother I am waiting till for the last time I am face to face with those Who keep my body in prison.

ETERNITY IS A DREAM Love, eternity is a dream Only death lies in wait forever on the left Ask him how many names there are As cheeky as the two of us.
Just one more moment…
Cry; step outside You will lose nothing, just get rid of wires Then ask forever with an eagle’s claw Which love will deliver you of fear

MOWING MACHINES Smash mowing machines to pieces Return scythes to our hands Tin box for good luck The pink one is in fashion now
Smash mowing machines to pieces Return scythes to our hands A key does not mean That you have everything Into fire we can step barefooted as well
Smash them…

GUN-FEEDER Tons of nuclear heads Symbol of human rights Nuclear stores Do not suffer from hunger There are more and more empty stomachs each day.
Who is a terrorist, gun-feeder? Who is a terrorist, who an angel?
One bullet instead of a half of bread Your belly is full, so join us We do not cure faithful bad conscience, Famine or AIDS.
Who is … Who is a terrorist, who has a mask Of a guardian angel
New York is on fire Twins break The image of the nation, which will be abased By nothing and nobody Rockets are headed Billions drowned in the arm-racing plan!
Who is a terrorist, gun-feeder? Who is a terrorist, who an angel?

THE MASK OF A CLOWN Like small children Whose world is painted in colours They don’t want to lose it
They love the sweet Laughter and stupid plays At life and growing up
Records are playing non-stop To wake up never more In your bubble world
You have what you want, a well-fed lie Pink fog, drown in it Don’t fall down from the height
You don’t want to hear Another’s teeth grinding with a vision To survive at least this single day
The whole world in your ass A dull trend in your head Holocaust is a brand of beer
To shout hey, hey through the whole night Orgasm so bitter I don’t want to be a teenager any more
You have what you want, a well-fed lie Pink fog, drown in it Don’t fall down from the height
In a mask of clown you see only what you want

WE KEEP ON EATING SHITS… Each of us was a nark It simply couldn’t be another way If only we could Overthrow bolsheviks If only…
Look what has remained of us No will, just ruins We are victims of the era Long screws in our heads It is them who should be blamed
All the dirt can’t get there
We love the feeling To tear off and to possess They took it from us that time And we are just small insects
We keep on eating shits We know that we want to
Each of us can decide himself
We keep on eating shits…