Complicite Candide – that painful circle starts and ends with you. Thoughts old like the ritual of opression and humble flow through our bodies. The thoughts which were created neither by God nor by his helpers. The thoughts which seem too radical to those, who are scared of them. We are the anarchists but we weren´t born like that. Just a little difference could made our brains not to concern with politics of people who we had never met and they still concerned us. All we really need is our judgement and immediate liberation from society´s dogma.

We are served drugs on silver trays included government´s stamps. Obedience, job and possession. Don´t you like how you are treated? The same will happen to your child.

The plan to wholesociety rhythm is done. It won´t be problem violate all at once. The fanfares ring, we dry tears of our children. Faster and faster, who is late has a pitch, the holes are deep. The education is operated by computers, great democrats burn their bolshevik diplomas, at least small amount of government´s virus in every meal.

We want instant right to choose, but not your fucked game of voting. Captured and established right for wealth is what makes our heart warm. This collection of criminal shit, holy right for theft and extortion is what you call free market. How you dare to claim that we are living in freedom when you trample down every bud of individual evolution. We don´t want to pay taxes to your byrokratic hyena. Fuck off cops, good fed leaders and their servants. Don´t annoy us with this damned story about the best of the worst systems. Even we don´t need the achievements of city concentration camps. Those are your the most powerful weapons.

So fight for better life for your children. For faster cars than are yours, for more money earned per minute, for more TV channels.

Become the first again who will be cursed. Let you are the main reason for hate again. So fight. You buried your ideals under heap of cynism and dried up weeping. So don´t shit selfdestroying thesis into our heads. We determine our borders by ourselves. So keep your fear.


Slave as the slaver
5 : 15 wake up
the end of alcoholic dreaming
a week begins
the whole world works
you are going to hate everyone around you again
head roars like bell
you´ll drink liter of coffee again
falling into thousands pieces
this is what you call career!
It´s close with your car
way find it as a blind
your boss has the same suit as you have
but a new car!
When you are talking about your superiors
your blood boils
but you like to cheers with them
on company party.
Just work, retirement is closer
Just work, your boss likes you
Just work, your time belongs to the others
Just work, the old machine can be replaced
You´ve hated your job since you were 18
higher education or your friends
could help you reach their job position
but it still depends on them how much you´ll get
on food, booze and gas for your car.
Just work...
Even you are that one who isn´t scared of hard work
who is ready everytime
even you are one from working class
remember: you are doing it for the country!
I´m a coward
You want to see your name written with capital letters
like example for all cowards
to change your truth and hope
into vast revolution holding rescue and justice
for everyone without difference.
In the name of peace and anarchy with gun in hands
like endless illness of hoarsed preacher
your truth for everyone and everywhere
just for this moment - now!
New flag, new regime, law and right
new victory and blood producing love and happiness
like in the poem by red thugs
You want to compare with those who protect with a gun
their lives and space, right to be heard
with those, who fight against armies of their fascistic states
you repeated it again like pupil vivisecting animal
When your revolution wins send the message into the world,
statistics and balance of dead and disappointed
I spit on your egoism and revolution holding pain
remember, I will be always here
and i will not start shooting until I´ll be able to hear the voice of mountains
and feeding myself from this Earth
I´m a coward
I believe in revolution in your and my head,
in revolution without gun.
Crime and punishment
Crime and punishment, such easy
like from a reading book for children
your laws serve to you
but they concern to all
that´s why so many people are buried in jail
where the time burns like a fire.
I´m asking
how chance do I have?
when will I send first man into prison
and when will they send me there?
Punish mistakes
Punish morality
Punish death
but never say that because of me
crime and punishment
Goebbel´s children
Infect million bodies!
with your culture infection
about masturbation and success in civil service
Let Goebbel´s children die!
that sick voice
bowes of words stolen out
the drug of crowds
Art prostitution now!
collaboration like a fun
nails of oblivion
deep into brain
cities and houses are burning
empty streets
Velvet voice
fascitic tradition!
the shit of crowds!
the shit of crowds!
So pay and feed yourself
let remain only bones
just dead bones
pay and feed yourself
Everybody knife on neck
Your spirit symbols
ended on bills
and you want to judge ours
Closed windows, ears are everywhere
Policemen, city, school, state
so much mother care
time for reeducation
somebody had to start
Nerves like pieces of glass
you won´t be given a speech
brains made of cellophane
a leaded breathe
Build the statue of liberty of explosive bombs!
Cops are born during eclipsion of sun
believe only in your fear
everybody knifes on neck
one, two, three
thank us, we spit on your back
learn to breathe due to our rhythm!

Without Orders
Who are the people in the streets
with rocks in their hands?
those, who can´t lose anything, came for you
we know as well for what purpose you keep police army
deceived crowds want back their votes
Memorize as well the face of your leader
he will knock you down on knees
and many more and the flag of countries,
which you admire so much
were burned by the people like you are!
They will fuck you up again and again
They´ll say, that you choose your future
When you confide your life
into hands of political hyenas.
So realize they will demand more and more
your place in the system is indeep
you mean absolute nothing for them
only working power for keeping fight.

I´m just interested in what you´ll do
when the last day come
you´re trying hard
longing for eternity will be the curse again
like it were in old myths
You despise with your ancestors
because they didn´t bring atomic age like you
massive distress, violation and isolation in the form of state
they taught their children to hear the voice of animals
and you teach them to cut their meat
Once you said you were more than an animal
because you can notice your history
history made of blood and gold
believed in your fucked victories
neither truth nor lie
just the death to which you´ve just put nearer
I know you fuck on me
you won´t die in the rest in peace in your office
your body will be kept alive till it´s possible
your artificialy nourished head
will watch your hunched children
But after that others will come
who won´t see burning heat of sun again
and they open your book again
and time will be counted off like
day and night come.